City of Lincoln Water Tank Project

City of Lincoln Water Tank Project

The City of Lincoln is currently designing a project in the Twelve Bridges community  along Twelve Bridges Drive near Sierra College.  The City intends to construct two 10 million gallon storage tanks, approximately 5,000 feet of 36-inch pipeline tied into an existing water pipeline in Twelve Bridges Drive, and other infrastructure within the tank site area.  The 36-inch pipeline will continue down Twelve Bridges Drive to Camino Verdera, then follow an existing access road to the storage tank site and connect to an existing metering station as shown on the Project Area Site Map.

The pipeline is due to begin in the Spring of 2017, followed by the metering station and finally the tank in approximately the Fall of 2018.  At this time they are only constructing the first of two tanks.  It may be 10 years before the second tank is added.  The tank is to be 234 feet in diameter.

In addition, the City will also be filling in the Old City Water Pond located in the vacant area at Bella Circle and Fuente Place.  The City of Lincoln plans to sell this Lot parcel in 2018.

To mitigate sight and sound concerns regarding the water tank and metering station, the City will construct a Terra Cotta sound wall, similar to the others within the Verdera Community, around the site.  The on-site work hours will be Monday thru Friday 7:00AM to 5:00PM.  Access to work site will be from the small parking area near the Lake Gate and up the PCWA trail.  Construction Vehicles will not usually be driving through the Verdera Community.


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